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Jméno/Přezdívka: JbEuwQiD
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Čas: 2014-04-17 15:54:37.144
Liberals do not believe in deatbing, only name calling.Try this one onThe liberals are planning to cut medicare by $ 600 billion dollars to pay for others to have health insurance. Those people on medicare paid into the system for 40 50 years, and now they are facing cuts in their benefits. The cost to everyone will be increased by an estimated $ 1500 per year over their existing plans.They young will just pay the $ 1000 fine, knowing that if they get sick , they can then get the health insurance, instead of paying the 12% weekly out of their paycheck.Illegal aliens will be covered, you know, those that snuck into the country and do not pay taxes. Was this answer helpful?
Jméno/Přezdívka: oGIIjfvjpCSNhvT
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Čas: 2011-11-07 07:09:49.133
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