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Jméno/Přezdívka: bLhQdOpCiJwKwpuHEw
Hodnocení: 0
Čas: 2012-08-08 16:10:55.176
jimbo - Wilbur, In my experience there few tnihgs that can give you a singular focus and clarity of mind better that fear and pain. Not nagging fear or dull pain but that real in your face pucker factor fear and hot poker in the eye type of pain. Sounds like you have received both by the score as of late. Sorry for that! But for what it's worth I agree with Carol that your even more so yourself and it has provided a sharpness and richness to your posts that I don't think you are even aware of. It has transformed you into quite the Hemingway. Take that for what it's worth but it leaves me looking forward to you next post. Know that we are actually living vicariously through you as hard as that may seem to fathom. You have the rare gift of time (yeah I know probably too much for anyone's liking!), and the greater gift of the inclination to stop and smell the roses. We all want to make time to examine the world we live in in greater detail, to take it all in and roll it about in out brain pans for bit longer than we usually can afford to, but alas we are too caught up in our rodent races and the minutiae of our lives to stop and do so. So thanx for doing some of it for us, it really is providing a rare bit of escape from our grinds. Love ya man!
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