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Nový Smokovec Spa was originally established as an upland climatic spa with the oldest tradition in the Central Europe. The surroundings of the spa is ideal fow wlking and recreative and alpine turistic. The spa has been much-sought-for especially by from airways diseases suffering clients.

Vila Zátiší a Čechie ***

Hotel description

Reconstructed stylish villas with high-quality accommodation provide calm and privacy enough. All villas have a lift.


Vila_Zatisi.jpg Vila_Cechie.jpg


Each villas are located in the quiet environment directly in the spa area.


Vila Čechie – a villa built together with the Vila Morava in 1901 under the name Jenny. In June the Vila Čechie has been reconstructed. The capacity of 44 beds.


Vila Zátiší – built in 1899 uner the name Jetty. In 1926 T.G. Masaryk was accommodated there while visiting the Velichovky Spa. Reconstruction – May 2000. Capacity of 30 beds.


Comforstable accommodation in modern furnished double rooms and single rooms with own settlement. Equipped with TV, fridge, phone and radio alarm clock.

More information

The healing procedures has been provided in SH Masaryk, partly in the bathing houses. The food is served either in the main dining room or on the spa restaurant or in the café of the SH Masaryk.

HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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