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This balneal resort consists of three original interconnected villas while the villa in the middle of has been newly built. The guests are complete service undeer one roof at disposal.

Velké Losiny Spa

Spa description

The bathing history of Velké Losiny Spa dates back to 16th century. Present spa takes ap. the best traditions while using the most modern healing procedures and methods. A natural environment guarantees a stay on the fresh air with wide variety of active retirement, cultural and sociable self-realization. Quite a number of marked tourist routes just challenge to walking and also more demanding hiking. There are also excellent terrains for cycling. In Velké Losiny there is also possible to have a bath in the thermal suphuric water. Year round the spa arranges many entertainments for its guests.


Velké Losiny Spa is situated in the quiet environmnent in the middle of nature foothills of Hrubý Jeseník Mountains.


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HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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