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Harkány Spa is a jewel among Hungarian spas. It is much-for-sought and favourite place not only for the stable and pleasant climate but especially for structure of local thermal curative water.

Treatment subtypes Thermotherapy / Warm medication

Mineral additives baths are used for example in healing of eczema and dermatides. Into the baths are added various herbal extract or salt form the Dead Sea. The bath lasts 15-20minutes having about 34°C.

Stepping in the hot and cold water. These baths are used by dysfunction of perfusion of the lower limbs, headaches and bad headache conditions.

Aromatic baths number among the oldest healing methods. To find its beginning we can go back to the old Babylonu, Assyria, Persia, Egypt, India and Tibet. These baths také comprehensive positive effects on the human health. Aromatherapy combinated with reflex therapy is included. Aromatherapy is a way how to exert a positive influence up our organism while using olfactory receptors which by different odours gradually activate all parts of the brain. Through the cerebral system are the effects taken into the particular systems and organs. Doktor Bach has proved that with help of the odours we can influence nerve system and so change our psychical condition. Reflexive therapy is the second way how the aromatic baths can také effects on our organism. The aromatic baths activate skin zones and biological active point on the skin surface. With help ot these points come to the affecting of systems and organs in the human body.

Bog-muck wraps are an unfungible form of the medication and prevention of the chornical diseases. There are mostly one-shot wraps applied, taking their effects by gradually warming of the related part. Consequently there comes to the local excess of blood and so acceleration of methabolism. The wraps are suitable especially for gynecological and rheumatic diagnoses.

Thermal bath enriched with the carbonated dioxide quickens perfusion of your skin and of the surface tissues. It reduces blood pressure and odlehčuje relieves inner tissues. It primarily takes a relaxation effect.

This type of therapy is used in the destinations with a positive climate and environment that alone take beneficial effects on the human organism.

Cryotherapy = healing by coolness. We use cryothrapy as a local therapy in case of acute inflammantories. The application process is short and lasts only a few minutes.

Except of the basic and the most frequented minerals as magnesium, calcium, bromide and kalium contains the water from the Dead Sea further 22 minerals and piste elements which are highly valued in nourishment of the complexion, activation od the curculation systém and in moderating f the rheumatic problems and disorders of methabolism. There is also a feeling of relaxation attended.

The warmth created by flame of candle softens the accumulated smear and underpressure sucks it by the chimney effect. At the same time there comes to the levelling through Eustachian tube in the entire head and neck area. The termic effect také positive effects on the blocked streams of energy in meridians. The meridians are energetic circuits the role of which is transporatation and distribution of the live enrgy in human organism. The warmth of a candle warms alos the microsystem of the lap and takes so effects on the reflexive zones which take positive effects on the course of the cold disease by this stimulation. It also conditions the lymph drainage of the ear activity. The ear candle takes very positive effects on the local and reflexive activation of methabolism and lymph circulation. It also stimulates flow of energy and generally influences immune system of the organism.

Sauna is an originate Finnish word for a little building or a room which is used as a heating room while sauning. The inwards of the sauna is very well isolated from the surroundings and inlaid with wood which takes positive effects on the human psychics. In the sauna there is sauna fire (in Finnish kiuas) that usually heat the room on 60 to 120˚C but there are also saunas with temperature exceeding 130 to 140˚C. In the Finnish sauna there are stones on the fire. From time to time there is water poured on the stones so that the incurred steam raises the humidity. The humidity in the saune is usually relatively low, just a few tens of precent. In the saune oven there is usually heated with wood but also the electic oven is very frequented, especially in the flats. Sometimes it is possible to meet also diesel oven. A primitive sauna can also operate without any sauna oven. The base is a well-isolated building which is heated by outside falming oven on the open fire. It ma be the original principle of heating sauna.

Relaxation and rehabilitation in the hydrotherapeutic device (floating bathub) stimulating an environment of the Dead Sea.

Lower limbs bath in water of 36-38 ˚C. Massaging of skin causes increased perfusion and through-heating of tissues. Thereby the quicker elimination of harmful materials out of the body is possible. Regular bath repetition leads to muscle spasms laxation. The procedure has analgetic effects.

Relaxation and healing by herbal baths

Hardening is a process enhancing tolerance of organism against extreme conditions, e.g. cold or dryness by exposing the same but less extreme conditions.

Healing by solar radiation

Bathub ingredient bath with mixture of herbs and temperature of water about 37°C, the procedure takes 15 minutes. Relaxing, stimulating or regeneration effects. After the bath follows a wrap. Suitable for locomotive organs diseases, artrodynia, rhachialgia and also psychical relaxation.

Takes possitive effects on the working of the cerebral system and attenuate organs, releases and warms thews, supports detoxication of the organism, prevent to infections and destroys infectious germs.

Bathub bath in water with warmth of 37°C enriched by addition of iodo-bromide brine. The bath takes all-round healing and beneficial effects on human organism. It has been recommended in case of artrodynamia, kinesalgia, rhachialgia and skin problems. It also aids to nourishment ot tissues and amend working of the vascular system. The procedure takes 15 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of relaxation in the wrap.

Bathub bath with warmth of 37°C with addition of potassic iodide taking 15 minutes. After the bath follows 15 – 20 minutes lasting wrap. The bath is suitable for better methabolism, by chronical inflammatory and degenerative diseases, artrodynia, rhachialgia, also for bad perfusion.

Irrigation usually means pursuing of infusions into the colostomy. Filling of the colon with water causes moves of intestinal sarcotome (so-called peristaltic moves) and therby comes to nearly total defecation. After the irrigation it takes some time than the colon is filled again and for the time of 24 to 48 hours there is no defecation. So the colon works as an internal sacks. There is no need to wear regular sacks, just mini-sacks or capping strips and stomic plugs.

Natural healing process in according to parson Kneipp. Various water applications as pouring with water, baths or washing related to the light, air, movement and nourishment.

Minerál baths with high contain of carbon dioxide and mineral salts and humic acids. The teperature of the bath is 28-34°C. The carbon dioxide is absorbed by skin, enhances perfusion and aslo takes positive effects on the heath and kidney. The serie of baths also takes an antistress effect. The bath takes approximately 20 minutes, then follows 20 minutes of relaxation in the dry wrap.

Mineral mud Ahava is composed of mineral sedimetns of the Dead Sea with high content of magnesium, calcium and kalium, enriched by aloe vera extracts. The warmed black mud is applied on the back as half-wrap and it is covered with a foil to keep the temperature. The result is a satisfied, soft and fresh skin. The wrap is suitable mainly as a cosmetic treatment of gently, sensitive and dry skin that regenerates, cleans and nourishes at the time.

Application of the mud wraps, either bog muck or another materials taking beneficial effects on human health. While these procedures is mud put on the problem parts of human body, e. g. painful external joints.

The mud from the Dead Sea is rich in minerals (magnesium, calcium, ferrum, sulphates, bromides etc.) and absorbes fat, stimulates cicrulation of blood, contracts pores, regenerates and revitalises skin. It also takes positive effects on rheumatism and other pains of joints.

There are the paraffin compresses lied directly on the hands an také so beneficial effects on the effortful joints. By its agreable warming so releases muscular stress of the hands and calms paints.

It is a themotherapy when is lied a paraffin compress on the related place. The warming improves volubility of tiny joints and perfusing of the tissues. This procedure is suitable by pain of tiny joints on the base of arthrosis or overlasting and rhachialgia. It has been also used before massage for better perfusing of the tissues.

it is a local therapy. A warm paraffin compress is leid on the afflicted place. The warming calms pains and releases muscular stress. The paraffin compresses are used in case of artrodynia and rhachialgia. The compresses in case of osteophorose are unagreable. The procedure lasts 20 minutes.

Bath in the thermal water of 37 - 38 degrees taking an benefical effect on human organism. Through micromassage comes to better perfusion and entire relaxation of the organism. Its gently sedative effect also takes effect on sleeplessness, neuroses and psychosomatic diseases. By the bath comes also to the releasing of the muscular stress and that is why is this procedure used in healing of the locomotive organs.

Balneol is a concentration bioformative aromatick bath wih content of lignitic materials. The conception of the product is based on the latest balneotherapy researches. The balneotherapy continues the tradition of the effective účinných moor baths. Balneol is suitable in case of bad volubility, for the regeneration of the whole body, by dermatic problems, for the oxidation of cells, it also takes positive effects by asthma.

This procedure is pursued in the hydrotherapeutic bathub filled with thick bath mixture of moor and water, the temperature of the bath is about 42 °C, declination of the temperature during bathing maximal 2 °C. After the bath follows a shower and a dry wrap. The bath cause the entire warming of the organism. There is also neccessary to count with s working of the hydrostatic pressure, in the bath so raises internal thoracal and haemal pressure, the effect of the hydrostatic pressure takes effcet on the change of blood pressure, on working of lungs and another inner organs. After the medication the pacients usually notice an essential moderating to dissappering of the pain, marked melioration of the volubility and lowing to missing of used dose of analgetics. There comes to a marked betterment of the quality of life and to restoration of the working capacity.

Radon bath numbers among the most effective healing methods of balneology. The bath reaktivates self-regenerative abilities of the body, supports perfusing of bones joints, moderates pain, takes antiinflammantory effects, enhances immunity and vitalises the entire organism. Radonová bath effectively heal also artrodynia and rhachialgia. It takes an effect as antirheumatic mean without side effects and moderates pains for a few months time. In the bathub bath radon comes through skin and taking breath into the body and after a few minutes is leaking out again. The bath gives you a feeling of activity and so enhances the quality of life. It refreshes and releases, takes anti-inflammantory effects and moderates pain.

A massage by stream of water of alternate temperature for hardening and reinforcement of the immunity. It also helps the cicrculation of blood. It is suitable by locomotive organs and nerve diseases. On contrary it is not prescribed in case of high blood pressure, heart diseases and acute infections. The procedure lasts 10 minutes.

A steam bath is a closed and impermeable area. The steam bath can be consisted of various materials. There is an electric device the main function of which is to produce and inject steam inside the steam. The control and regulation of the steam amount is automatic. This is the most important factor of the steam cabines.

Sulphur bath is an additive bath. There are manufactured goods used to prepar the bath. In the bath is sulphide loosen which sinks into the organism through the skin and is absorbed also after the bath has finished. Sulphur bath is a hypertermal bath (38 - 39 °C) and except the effect of sulphur is also the warmth effect used. Then is a dry wrap applied to reach the lasting of full relaxation. The bath takes an analgetical (anti pains) and spasmolytic (releases muscular stress) effect, it also takes effects on the resorption of inflammantory products in chronical stadium, calms secretion activity and evokes a psychical relaxation.

Swimming and move in the natural mineral water is based on the relaxing and calming effects of the thermal water. Also the massage jets in various height and for particular parts of body, pearl baths or contraflow swimming in bath house Beethoven can be used. Combinated with your physical activity the swimming pool can help you to wide an extent of your exercise.

Bath in the natural mineral water takes regenerative and relaxation effects and is specially suitable as a masage preparation. The pice elements in the mineral water quicken removing of the harmful substances and also have an anti-stress effect.

Whey contains many proteins of high-quality, in soluble vitamines B1, B2, B6, B12, E, C and galactose. The whey further contains minerals – magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, kalium, natrium and zinc. The whey bath takes psiitive effects on the skin, regulates its pH and stabilize an acid barrier of the surface of the body, smoothes wrinkles and cleans the skin very gently.

Bath in the natural mineral water while comes to an intensive massage ot the entire body by the soft streams of water from the jets on the bathub. The bath takes positive psychorelaxation effects.

Retirement on the bed after each bath  (15 min) is a way of pacification of the organism and waits on levelling of temperature and pressure. The retirement prolongs effects of the bath.


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