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The spa rank among the most attractive and the most famous spas in Slovakia. It is situated in the healthy coniferous woods where the eastern part of the Panoramas enriches the view of stately edges of Malá Fatra Mountains.

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An independent sphere of medicine specialising on diagnostics and healing of mechanical inflictions of the joints- especially spine and the effects on the nerve system. The founder of the science is Daniel David Palmer from Iowa State, who in 1885 supposed the deflexion of any part of the skeleton can lead to stress on nerves which are small channels of communication of the whole body. Nowadays the modern attidude coming from the pieces of knowledge that in every joint of spine (always 4 joints between two neighbouring vertebrae plus two times connection with ribcage in the part of the žebry pectoral spine. There are overall 100 joints in the spine.) there is a fibrous wafer resembling meniscus in the knee that in cause of so-called blockade “nips” between the joint facets and therby impede the standard volubility and launches the whole cascade of the other changes- muscular stifness, tumour, hurtfulness etc. In case of the functional blocades in spine (stiff neck) occure headaches, reeling of the brain, feelings of uncertainty, sickness, pressure behind the eyes, nuchal tension, tension in the scruff of the neck and vertex. In the sphere of pectoral girdle there are also shooting pains the ribcage along, closing of the chest, especially while taking breath etc. occured. In case of the loin spine namely pains in the small of the back with propagation to the limbs, hips and also groins. Before each chiropractical treatment of the above-mentioned problems is neccessary to exclude internal (e.g. myocardial infaction) or surgical (emergency splanchnodynia) ailments.

Graphic investigation method recording elektric activities of hearth muscle in particular parts of the bodily surface in form of electrokardiogram. It enables to find out some heart diseases including hearth attack.

On the base of the consultation with the doctor who diagnoses eventual health problems of the bather are the particular most suitable and most useful procedures prescribed to attain the most effective medication.

By the spirometric investigation a device called spirometer meter the amount of the ventilated air and a number of the other parameters which processes into the resulting curve. The spirometric curve is analysed by specialist. This method has been using to diagnose of particular types of pulmonary diseases. The spirometric investigation is mostly prescribed by the internal, pulmonary or practice doctor who with he help of this investigation diagnoses a new ailment or sleduje watches the existing ailment. Namely asthma, bronchitis and emphysema and other chronical pulmonary diseases are concerned. The result of the investigation are curves coming ap. to the functional condition of your lungs. That means the curves show how are your lungs able to oxidate blood and therby ensure sufficient, for the live inevitable amount of oxygen to the tissues. The measured values depend on the age, sex and high of the patient. These values are entered before the investigation to ensure an ample clinical investigation.

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