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The youngest spa in Slovakia. The treatment is based on the rare balneal characteristics of the mineral water.

Treatment subtypes Sonotherapy / Sound medication

Music- therapy uses music, rhytm, sounds, tones, singing, eventually in sequence to move or graphic and plastic creation. The healing method does not only mean to create music or be involved in it but you can just listen, percept the music itself or pursue another creative expression on the base of the music. Music-therapy also uses verbal and nonverbal means. Verbalization by singing, rhytming of words, exclamations, whisper. Nonverbal working with music, rhytm or sounds. Different parts of bodies vibrate with another sounds and tones. With help of these tones music-therapy can work on release of tension in these parts or stimulation. Singing and work with breath influence other our physical and psychical processes. The music can take relaxat relaxation, touchy effects or can stimulate energy. Last but not least music, rhytm and sounds are a mean of mutual communication and expression of the inner worlds.

Electrotherapeutic methoda, carried out by means of a special device, removes pains, improves prefusing and supports healong process, very effective in the case of artrodynia and rhachialgia.

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