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Aerobic is a favourite active rhytmical training flowinf from natural junction of move and music.

Aquaaerobic is an aerobical training in the water environment. Compared to the other aerobical forms it is a training without any tremors and negative impacts on joints. Aquaaerobic has been practising in the swimming pool in the smaller groups. The trining is focused on enhancement of the physical condition, improving of the cardiovascular systém, weight reduction and body forming. That is why aerobical procedures like namely women.

Aqua gymnastics is a condition training in the water of various depth while using music. The training burdens both hearth and respiratory system and locomotive organs. Thanks to the pressure of the water on the body is a massage effecs taken causing a better removal of subcutaneous fat and entire body forming and the weight reduction in case of aqua gymnastic is also for times faster than classical gymnastics. The training is designed for all age cathegories and compared to classical training forms in the gym is water with no dust a good environment for alergics and under respiratory problems suffering people. The training is very popular and good also for under obesity suffering people, whether for reason of much lower endurance on the joints, or for psychical aspect. In the water everybody has its intimacy and he does not need to compare his body with the bodies of another people. Water is an agreable environment, connected with cleannes and that is why we feel so well in it. Move in the water envokes a psychical and physical release.

This massage is practised by help of etherial oils which are added into water. The oils seep in the skin very well and také so beneficial effects on the entire organism. The massage also improves psyche, releases and removes stress and digestive problems.

This massage is considered as an effective healing technique. The main medication method consists in the massage of points and meridians while the agreable relaxation effects of massage are not missed out.

The massage affects organism, both on the physical and psychical level. It is an excellent mean to relax rigid brawn, stress removal and also a good psychical relaxation. Under the thumb of massage moves relaxe the massaging thews, extense skin capilaries and the skin goes red because of faster perfusing. Thanks to the scented mixture with ethercic oils the massage relaxes the whole body and also the mind. Classical massages are suitable in case of pains of spine and joints, to relax rigid thews as weel as for psychical relaxation. The massage cannot be carried out on the parts of body which have some dermatological deffects and also on the lower limbs suffering on the varicose veins. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes.

This drainage is suitable for treatament of tired limbs (a preventive treatment in case of people who have been exposing to stand for a long time, in employees woriking in the shop, transport etc. the procedure helps the faster regeneration after the physical endurance, tourism, sports etc.), it is also a base for cellulite treatment (orange skin) and skin as well, the procedure is also recommended as imunity enhancing mean, detoxication of organism and wrinkle prevention. The procedure is pursuing by a little preasure without help of oils or another emulsions. The target of the procedure is to improve the reflux of lymp. It has been using to treat tumour conditions, in the event of tired feet, as well as tumour disease prevention. This therapy improves condition by 10 to 15%, it is also good for powerful sportsmen. The set on the head is a good prevention against neuralgic pains.

Diadynamic currents are a wide-spread form of low-frequency therapy. Based on the selected current the effects are irritative /motor and hyperemisative/ or analgetic.

It is an electropathy procedure causing streams of high frequention. While transitting of these streams through tissues comes to their heating, also to the rise of warmth. The medicinal use of the procedure is a part of the thermotherapy. In case of diathermy comes to rhexis expantion by increased perfusing and methabolism, melioration of tissue sustenance, supporting of exudation and tumour resorption. The warmth takes sedative, analgetic effects and also relaxes striped brawn and takes a spasmolytic effect on the glabrous brawn.

Electrophoresis is a separative method whereat are live molecules (ions) based on principe of different electrophoretical mobilities attended. According to the environment where has the separation beeing occured are capilar ozone electrophoresis and gel electrophoresis distinguished.

Procedure of electrotherapy, using various types of electrical currents which improve perfusing of tissues and release tension of striped and glabrous brawn or they reinforce it, takes analgetic and antiinflammantory effects. Depending on the overbearing effect have been particular electrotherapy types while locomotive organs disorders, perfusing disorders, also in case of chomical inflammantory and degenerative diseases, post-operative conditions, in case of chronical gynecological and urological inlammantions, digestive tract and airways diseases skin diseases etc. chosen.

Inasmuch as there are many nerve receptors on the face the face mask also takes effect not only on nerve system but also whole body. Compared to other parts of body are face thews directly joined to the skin and so they directly influence our entirely appearance. The face massage helps to put off the ageing effect because thanks to this massage comes to the melioration of the circulation of blood, muscular elasticity and the person having a masage also feels great and beams with health.

Fitness is insturmental towards entire healing of the organism, reinfocement, hardening and stretching of limp and contracted thews. Fitness is also a suitable mean to reduce obesis and psychical release.

Owing to vacuum the heated glass flasks leech onto the skin, mostly back skin. The underpressure inside "sucks" skin and also adjacent subcutis into the flask and lifts or if you like relaxes also the deeply saved musculatur tissue. There comes to the gradual release of wtihdrawn and painful brawn.

Galvanotherapy is a to galvanic electric current related therapy.

Group training in the pool in the natural mineral water uses relaxing and releasing effect of thermal water. Cobinated with your body activity it enables the extention of working of your body.

In gymnastics are active exercises with elements of gymnastic procedures involved. There have been enhance of entire physical as well as psychical condition of patient procedures occured. Particular exercises are focused on concrete groups of brawn that are limbered.

In 20 minutes taking procedure under leading of a qualified phisiotherapist you gradually learn exercises, focused on the relevant part of body. The intensity of the exercise and its structure is individually revised and styled. The repeated exercising in the particular evolutions lead to keeping in mind and while resulting exercise at home to the prolongation of positive effects of the bathing stay.

Thanks to usage of characteristics of honey and underpression energy the massage gets out harmful substances which have been accumulated from the skin. During the time of massage when comes to the release of the toxins, the honey changes its consitention and colour. In case of large amount of harmful substances in the body the honey can be to pulpy with brownblack colour. Thanks to the underpression between your body and palms of the masseur also comes to perfusing of the skin.

Subaquatic massage with additon of pearl bath and lymp drainage.

Individual training in the swimming pool in the natural mineral water in length of 15 - 20 minutes with following dry wrap needing your higher activity. Stretching and strengthening of the masculars and joint release leads to higher performance of locomotive organs while contemporary using of the lifting force.

Application of pulse current with very short impulses and low intensity. We utilize mainly the greater depths of effect. They have outstanding effects – analgetic and myorelaxative, and they improve tissue perfusion. They also have myostimulating and spasmolytic effects. The procedure lasts 3-15 min.

In case of iontophoreses are special substances in concentrated form, e. i. in form of solutions in ampoules, with help of equable current imported deep in the skin where they také effects.

Lymfoven is a device for interrupted pressure drainage and it is designed for medication of lymph swelling, venous shortness, suitable also for pre-operative and post-operative prevention of deep thrombosis, rehabilitation of traumatogenic conditions, connected with tumours of related limbs. A contraindication of this medication are swellings caused by kidney or hearth problems. Under the supervision of doctors the device is also a suitable help for rehabilitation of sportsmen and workers with oversize burden of lower limbs (regeneration).

This therapy works with pulse magnetic field using the low vibrational numbers 0,1 - 100 Hz, with induction of 1 - 30 mT. That evokes changes in the electromagnetic and biochemical state of cells and tissues with many resulting systemic effects. There is a positive influence of nerve, hormonal, imunological, cardiovascular, skeletal, muscular, digestive and urogenital system.

This drainage is suitable for treatament of tired limbs (a preventive treatment in case of people who have been exposing to stand for a long time, in employees woriking in the shop, transport etc. the procedure helps the faster regeneration after the physical endurance, tourism, sports etc.), it is also a base for cellulite treatment (orange skin) and skin as well, the procedure is also recommended as imunity enhancing mean, detoxication of organism and wrinkle prevention. The procedure is pursuing by a little preasure without help of oils or another emulsions. The target of the procedure is to improve the reflux of lymp. It has been using to treat tumour conditions, in the event of tired feet, as well as tumour disease prevention. This therapy improves condition by 10 to 15%, it is also good for powerful sportsmen. The set on the head is a good prevention against neuralgic pains.

It is a very gently relaxing massage helping to remove wrinkles, sacks and circles under the eyes. It also takes positive effects in case of headaches, problems with sinuses and lacrimation.

Nordic Walking is walking while using special sticks. The name and also the method itself it is very simple but very effective new form of movement. The craddle of the new sports branche is Finland where has Nordic Walking developed very quickly into the popular sport and there is no wonder that Finnish has been used to the sticks from the age of children. The wave of enthusiasm has spread entire Scandinavia and then also central and south Europe. In German speaking countries has been the sport more and more popular. It is possible to practice it for the whole year, everywhere and in every age and performance cathegories because its sports level is easy to conform to your own sports level. In Finnland there is one fifth of the entire population who regularly moves that way, in Sweden people more and more enthusiasts comes from the wheel ski to the "stick walking" how is the Nordic Walking called there.

These massages are made on particular part of the human body. With reagard to the part of body is also s suitable type of masage designed.

This type of exercise uses device moving our parts of body which are not usually movable or a move of which is not desirable. In case of these trainings not human force used. Passive exercises are primarily designed for rehabilitation after injuries and in case of locomotive organs problems.

Pulsetherapy works on the interferrence currents priciple. The low frequency takes a releasing and analgetical effect. Using the hypotonic elestrodes comes to the reinforcemnt of this effect.

Radiotherapy (actinotherapy) is the oldest medication of lymphoms the origins of which date back to the time before World War II. At the beginning radiotherapy was used just to relieve problems, namely to the irradiation of the large tumour substance. Roughly speaking fifty years ago was discovered that in the initial stages of Hodgkin lymphom and some other non-hodkin lymphom forms can the irradiation of the afflicted nodule and the adjoining nodules lead to the total restoration. In 50s and 60s of the Twentieth Century have also been bigger and bigger nodule parts irradiated, also in the case of patients with advanced ailment. The disadvantages ot this process, e. g. frequented occurrence of another noxious tumours or insult of the bone marrow and other organs casused by the irradiation, has been gradually taken. It has been also taken that the patients with wide extent of the irradiation badly endure resulting chemotherapy in case of the recovery of th ailment. Nowadays the trend is contrary: the process starts with chemotherapy with the goal to minimalize visible lymphom centres and to reduce microscopical centres which are not discoverable by current investigation. In case of the patients with extensive tumour substances is a directly targetted irradiation applied to irradiate just the relevant by chemotherapy minimalized part where has been the disaese still attended. In this way it is possible to reach the minimalization of the undsirable effects and to give the most possibly chance of restoration at the same time.

On the soles there are reflexive slabs of the entire human organism. By stimulation of these slabs i the particular points are taken beneficial effects on the particular parts of bodies and viscuses. The massage also improves moveability of the limbs after accidents, it also takes beneficial effects on the working of viscuces, reduces stress and helps to release endorfines.

This reflexive massage is practising while pressing ot the reflexive point on the feet. By searching out of the painful parts it is possible to diagnose health condition. The straightment of cervical and hipster spine is also a part of this massage.

Rehabilitative exercises include groups of exercises which help to relax and lenghten the whole body, enhance joint moveability the moveablitity of the spine and also on the focused restitution and maintainance of the equilibrium of the musculature exercises.

Rehabilitive swimming primarily targets the way of the correct posture, compensation of disbaances by the way of strenghtening and and stretching of the particular muscular parts and regular and cavity respiration pactice.

Reflexive massage highly specialized procedure carrying immediate release. Therapist uses a manual operation on the surface of the body in the place of secondary changes, invoekd by pathological process. Using a special technique the therapist stimulates acupressure points which take beneficial effects on degenerative and a chronical rheumatic diseases of locomotive organs but it also positively influences functional and chronical diseases of the viscuses.

Utilizes the thermal agitation of a high-frequency current. Deep through-heating is reached without any surface layers exercise. The deep through-heating causes vasodilatation, and through better perfusion the local metabolism is improved, together with absorption of chronic infectious, post-traumatic, and postoperative infiltrate; the ligament elasticity is improved; it also has analgetic effect.

Treatment using the infra-red light component. It is used as a source of heat for through-heating. The source is a tungsten filament with temperature up to 2600 ˚C. It improves the tissues perfusion, has painkilling effect, incites muscle relaxation and supports the exudative absorption.

Special type of massage, going out of the techniques, used by sportsmen. The application of these massages brings relief and abridge teh spasm tendencies and also prepare them for enhanced burden.

This massage is recommended as a supplement therapy while healing locomotive organs diseases as well as psychosomatic diseases. The patient dives into the special bathtub containing thermal water having the prescribed temperature and takes a massage of pressure of the stream of water which also enhances perfusing of the skin.

During this procedure UV rays are used.

This massage admirable combinates stretching of the different parts of body and pressing of the pressure points. The age of the massage is estimated 4000 years. Thai massage includes some fields of alterative medical spheres, the famous yoga not excluded. The great advantage of the massage consits in the entire way of medication. Through opening and cleaning of the ways and centres of energy we reach not only that a movement that has been an essential problem so far, becomes easy practicable for us but our health also starts to be better because our body is interconnected. The pressing of the pressure points reinforces activity of the viscuses and hence is also our entire imunity enhanced. It is one of the few massages carrying out through clothes. That is why is recommended to wear leisure sportswear you feel comfortable in it and it does not constrain you. The massage itself proceeds on the massage couch or on the matress, specially produced for this purpose. Firstly aremassaged the soles, where is a number of reflexive facets and these after massage can help to relax the problematical parts. The sole massage is followed by feet massage while lying on back through belly and upper limbs and then follows position on the hip and belly and we finish while sitting.

Physical therapeutic operation by traction or pressure on the contracted muscular structures. In applying of the procedure are the soft tissues strenghtened and there are also the joint planes distanced. The procedure improves moveability and removes appropriate blocks.

A mild aquatic massage with help of jets to release of lymp stream in the lower limbs.

That is a classical massage while using of special oils which perfectly drain toxins and nourish cells. Through the massage activate the neurolymphatic points which stimulate circulation of the lymp flux and so activate the organs of the body.

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