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Ann´s Peat Spa, situated in the quiet little town of Lázně Bělohrad, has 120 years of tradition behind it. The majority of the clients coming to the spa suffer from ailments of the locomotive system.

Treatment subtypes Phototherapy

Light energy of biolamp gradually eating up the tissue that infiltrate in the depth to 3cm, has special effects on the molecular structure of of celluar membranes and stregthen cellular metabolism. Biolamp takes an analgetic, anti-infalmmatory and biologically active effect. The main branches where the healing polarized light has already attained its position are primarily dermathology, surgery, orthopedy, rheumatology, general and child medicine and rehabilitative and sports medicine, balneology and sports medicine and cosmetics.

Infrared radiation of long wave length causes resonance with molecules of water. The radiation ionize and activate molecules of water in our cells and improves so our circulation of blood and health condition.

Laser therapy is used primarily for faster tissue regeneration and reinbursement of wounds in our country. The therapy is based on local warming of tissue and its biological activation. The cells regenerate more readily and the regenerating process is usually faster.

After na application of the gel mask on the face and by operation of laser radiation comes to conversion of hydrogencarbonated anions, contained in the gel, to free carbon dioxide. The free carbon dioxide causes an expressive regeneration effect, deep cleaning of the skin, a prominent skin lifting, high-level skin hydratation, reinbursement and an essential melioration of inflammation processes, stretch muscle reduction that is a cause of wrinkle formation.

Laser cleaning, hydratation and regenerating face mask is applying on the face skin, neck, long neck and on the backs of the hand. This mask has been designed purely for using while using of biologically active laser. There origins a marketedly regenerating, stimulating and tissues oxidizing carbon dioxide cleaning the skin levels to the depth This special laser gel mask also has an intensive hydratation and face muscle relaxation ability whereby helps to tiny wrinkles reduction. This mask is for its cleaning and oxidizing ability one of the main supplemental methods while acne medication.

Faliling sun shine solarium replaces sun rays and influences our health. Sun-bathing of the skin make you to feel fresh and improves the entirely health condition. The procedure activates the circulation of blood and metabolism. It also reinforces imunity and renerating of the D vitamine. Sun shine also takes an therapeutical effect while applying of skin disease treatment, it also reduces depressions and enhances body performance.

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