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Non-recurring colouring of spa architecture combinated with lovely parks and a number of springs and fountains have made Luhačovice the realy jewel among the Moravian spas. Local bathing industry has a nearly three centuries old tradition. The Vincentka is the most popular among the springs of the Luhačovice Spa.

Treatment subtypes Other special therapies

These procedures lay stress mainly on the recondition of psychical part ot the body so they help to release corporal tension gained in the stress situations of everyday life.

Ergotherapy is a motoric – intectual function and social abilities therapy with the goal of reaching of independence in personal, social and also professional life. With the possibility to use a reach spectrum of different materials one of the main roles of the ergtherapeutic work is also a targeted training of perception and sensibility. Consultancy, which is focused not only on the patient but also on the members of his family, is also an essential part of the ergotherapy. The consultative activities also include compilation and adaptation of the suitable instruments on the individual needs of the patient. The target of the ergotherapeutic intervention is to improve function damage of the patient, prevent progression and secondary damage while working in the interdisciplinar team.

Flasking is a very old therapy used in the whole world up to the present day. By flasking are used glass ball-shaped s dishes warmed air. After fall of temperature is formed an underpressure in these dishes. The underpressure causes leeching of the dishes on the skin. The purpose of flasking does not consist only in the removal of the pains in back but it also helps in moderating of inner hassles. On the place where has been the dish leeched fastenes metabolism and the body faster absorbs undesirable effects and the healing process has been started. The pains are removed. Last but not least this method stimulates immunity of the organism.

Hippotherapy is a method of rehabilitation using actuating of the horse on a man numbering among the most widespread (today may be the number one) forms of animotherapy using the actuating of animals on a man. Hippotherapy includes pedagogy, psychology, sports and medicine effects. It makes an impression of complexity but is is divided into three parts: hippotherapy, pedagogy-psychological riding (healing-psychological riding) and sport riding of handicapped people. Hippotherapy is anything else than hipporehabilitation but these terms are changed very frequently.

Nowadays homeopathy shapes the most widespread sphere of „alternative“ medication. Its history is two hundred years old which started by findings of German doctor Samuel Hahnemann. Homeopathy uses various natural substances, plants, minerals and animal products but in very concentrated form in which are made by special processes. These homeopathic preparates, medicaments or homeophatics take effects by means of gentle- substantial resonance on the spiritual organizational system of human, called by Hahnemanne vital energy“ or also dynamis“. Any illness is placed anywhere in the body or mind has been caused by a disorder of this inner organizational priciple. The organism has been healed as a whole and gains so the abitity to remove and thanks to its perfected self-organisation also heal the chronical, so called incurable diseases - allergy, artrses, bad headaches, eczema, sleeplessness, fatigue, tendency to the frequented infections etc. In addition the organism gains enhanced immunity against acute ilnesses and various forms of stress. The homeopathist looks for homeopathic cure for a particular homehuman and his illnesses. Homeopathy is a demanding activity that can be successfully made by an educated homeoptahist whether a doctor or a healer using the special diagnostic literature, materna medica, repertorium or software. On the base of special analysis of the particular case in Evrope and America and also in the Czech Republic have been homeophatics recommended also by healers, graduates of the homeopathical courses and also specialists.

Appeared from acupuncture. For the reason of bigger personal comfort of the child, stronger feeling of safeness and so easier taking effects of the procedure particular points are not stimulated by use of needles but laser ray. By means of a special formation are the particular motoric points in the particular limbs stimulated for reflexive release of spasm in the thews and to reduce hurtfulness.

Logopaedia is a discipline dealing with emergetion of a speech and the causes of retardation or disturbance. Logopaedists have been attending both to preventive pedagogical influencing of spoke, read and written speech, and the pedagogical-corrective activity in the case of children suffering under dysfunction of speech.

A regenerative oxygen cure, which in combination with antioxidants helps the body eliminate free oxygen radicals, whose accumulation is the cause of premature cell ageing, as well as of a variety of illnesses. We use a machine, using which it is possible to supply oxygen to the body so that the effect of the oxygen cure is long-lasting. The oxygenation of tissues and organs, physical and psychical capacity, heart activity, and pneumonic tissue elasticity are improved.

Local thermotherapy. White paraffin is used with paraffin oil admixture. The paraffin is applied on the affected part through dip in a special vessel.

Compared to another services able to improving our life (e.g. cosmetic saloon) psychotherapy has also another specifics. In the process of therapy you are not a client who will have been smiled by therapist while thinking anyhing else. Ít is good when the trust in the abilities of the therapist pass over the period when you feel uncomfortable during the therapy. You can be "uncomfortably" questioned by questions able to cause inner tension (realated to rage, passion, enclosure etc.). Without this "dynamic" part it is not possible to make a progress and it usually is not psychotherapy. On contrary another time you can have a feeling that there has been nothing happening for a long time and the changes come unexpectedly and gradually.

In the pyramid there has been space energy- ORGON concentrated. The energy inside has been called PYRÉN. This energy takes positive effects on the nerve system and absorbs cell nuclea whereby comes to the regeneration.The construction of thy pyramid is placed directly in the direction of the points of the compass. A person lies down in the middle of the pyramid with head to the north at least for 30 minutes enjoying aromatherapy and realxation music. The position in medication is an upright sitting position with forehead to the wall. Feelings: warm, euphory, time disorientation, going in fear, harness, easiness. In cause of more serious health problems there has been a serie of 5-10 sittings recommended.

Method using stays in the nature, eventually umělých jeskyních k grottos designed for medication. This method has been used primarily to heal alergic diseases of the airways (asthma). It uses permanency of temperature, moisture and absence of atopens in the air.

Particular colours are related to energetic effects of stones, clothes, food, shortly everything what is our oranism daily surrounded. The most effective therapy is a therapy using a ray of light with a particular colour for 15 miutes time. It has been applying on the related places or to the centres of lines related to the missing colour.

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