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This balneal resort consists of three original interconnected villas while the villa in the middle of has been newly built. The guests are complete service undeer one roof at disposal.

Treatment subtypes Oriental healing systems

Acupressure is a traditional Chinese healing method based on the same principles as acupuncture. Acupressure uses compressing of particular acupressure points on the surface of the human body and reduces pains and also heals the ailment.

Acupuncture is a dateless healing method which developed in the Far East roughly 3000 years ago and which has gradually been perfected from its birth. It is widely used as an invasivative however very effective form of Chinese medicine. Although our body has a nature immunity against the illnesses and outer influences there are some aspects of our life, e.g. the quality of our environment, everyday stress or natural ageing of our organism which reduce this immunity. Acupuncture deals with prevention, diagnose and healing of mainly function disorders of organism, psychosomatic diseases, painful conditions, alergic diseases, disimmunity, habitudial diseases and motor function disorders.

Ayurveda is a five thousand years old holistic healing system, in some countries recognized as a separate sphere of medicine. It is based on the deep knowledge about human body, mind and spirit and rightly is also called a mother of modern medicine. In translation ayurveda means "a science about long life" but is also can be translated as "art of the long life". Compared to the classical scholar medicine ayurveda is based on the lasting bases. Although the basic ayurveda philosophy stays constant, has been very sensitively transformed in our surroundings.

Tradicional intesive massage native in Hawaii, based on rhytm techniques using not only fingers and palms but also forearms and elbows. The therapy lets you feel the world of total relaxation and release. This technique is called a pearl among the massages.

This therapy is very reliable and highly predicative because in the relexive zones there are all the processes of the human body screened. Just to know where the particular organs and other parts of the body have the corresponding reflexive facets and in a few minutes (15 - 30) we can state the weak places. The reflexive diagnostics misses nothing important. Then we can use the reflexive diagnostics in the reflexive therapy, for an individual reference under needs of the client or for another goal-directed application of another methods. It is an organized working one the reflexive facets. The therapy usually takes from 5 to 45 minutes. The working on the reflexive facets has a certain conception and goal which comes from individual needs of the client, by reflexive diagnostics.

Reiki is Japanese technique based on the idea of streaming of the invisible life energy in the energetic lines of human. When is the energy low the probability of an ailment oan stress is higher. Provided the life energy is high we tend to be happier and healthier. It is a very easy and save natural method which helps to reduce stress and evokkes a feel of safeness and coziness.

The technique of massage of Shiatsu comes from Japan. It has been using the pressure of the fingers on the acupuncture points. This massage balances our bodily energy and takes positive effect on the entire organism.

Yoga is an extraordinary complex of spiritual tradition. Its history goes back in the time more than five thousand years ago. Yoga has very rich scriptual base and an exhausting content.Yoga is usually called "teaching about liberation". Either more or less, knowlingly or wittingly we all have been trying to disengage from the limited idea who or we are or if you like an idea about that what we think to be. We usually identify with our body, our Cind, our property or relations and all this we call "my life". But these internal attitudes does not include nothing than shadows of the truth of us which have been only burrying us deeper and deeper into our nescience.

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