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Spa hotel Royal is a part of Royal Spa Company located in one of the most famous spa metropoles not only in the Czech Republic. It is a complex of three interconnected buildings composing a top healing resort, accordant with the best standards.

Treatment subtypes Inhalation/Gas meditacion

It is a medical method of regeneration based on inhalation of appropriate potions of healing gases. This therapy is very succesful in solving of to the polluted environment related problems, in case of heart problems that are not caused by organic changes, high blood pressure or in case of pains caused by organic changes or headache.

Wrap in the sack carbon dioxide (gas envelope, gas wrap, somtimes also biotheric). It is one of the most agreable and used bathing procedures. The carbon dioxide extenses rhexis and supports better absorbtion of oxygen. The bubble bath intensify perfusing in the surface skin layers also deeper in the organism. It ensures supply of the nutrive substances and oxygen into the all corporal tissues, especially to nerve cells and to the brain. The procecuere activates lymph system and influences removal of the harmful substances from the organism through blood circulation and lymphatic rhexis. It removes salts, fats and toxines from the problematic parts of the skin, it also takes anti-inflammatory effects, it takes healing analgetical and vitalism effects, removes overfatigue, regenerates elasticity of the skin. It improves perfusing of the peripheral parts of body, supports oxgenation of the tissues in case of hearthly vasal system disorders, ischemia, after heart attack. This method can also be supplemented by application of dopes, e.g. against cellulite, rheuma, for better perfusing et al. The most frequented usage of the gas envelope are following: obesity reducing and cellulite removing cure, skin rejuvenation, bad perfusing of limbs (cold hands, cold feet), heart and rhexis ailments, varicose veins, tumours, respiratory problems, psoriasis, hypertensis, joints, sexual disfunction, stress, sleeplessness, psychical stress, muscular spasm, stiff and aching back. Improving of the cerebral functions, memory and concentration.

Endogenous breathing (EB) is a quite unknown method which on the base of positive experience recommends Russian Academy of Sciences. The EB method has been gradually winning its recognition in other European countries, including Czech Republic where has been successfully placed as a healing method in the healing resorts. At the FTSV UK in Prague we have already proved the effects of the EB taking a 7 months lasting experiment on the team of 18 seniors aged from 70 to 86 years. The effects of EB can be reached while pursuing of breathing exercises. These exercises have been pursued on the so called Breathing trainager of Mr. Frol which approved the State institute for safety of medicines in Prague. The goal of EB is using a slowly breathing training to prepare organism for particular hypoxy and also learn to use all anaerobic mechanism. EB is a regulated breathing on the trainager, against the hydraulic friction with gradual protraction of expiratory phase. The hydraulic friction while taking in breath causes enhance of the pressure in the lungs which takes effects on the extention of number of air bubbles leaking into the air sacks. At the same time comes to the change of the gas content in the mixture taking in breath. Thanks to the water column is the content of oxygen reduced from 21 % on 15 % (hypoxy) and the quantitiy of the carbonic acied gas enhances from 0,045 % to 2-3 % (hypercarbia). We can liken it to positive changes in organism which are famous form the stay in the environment of the high mountains. By the gradually enhancing of hypoxy is reduced the share of aerobic breathing whereby is the number of the production of the on the cells aggresive operating free radical reduced. At the same time it is process of destruction of lactacid. Hence falls the hyperacidity of organism which supports the higher creating of energy in the cells. Generally, we can say that EB improves the level of health, physical condition and it also slackens the involutional processes in the organism. It also takes positive effect on the activity of the immune system and by the increased vitality of organism also on the psychical and emotional condition of organism. It is causeb by optimal regime of the „cell breathing“ whereby is the metabolism and meatbolism of viscuses and also cerebration chastened.

In the last time the healing method while using gas injections has been increasingly popular part in the complex of the physiotherapy and bathing healing procedures. More and more health resorts use insulfovative bathing gas (CO2) which brings relief while healing mostly painful ailments. The publication is designed for general practititioners alnd also to the specialists-FBLR, surgeons, neurologists, internists, as weel as for physiotherapists of all education levels and nurses working under leading of doctors.

In the case of inhalations which improve the mucous membrane of the airways, anti-inflammantory effect, fluidize phlegm and ease expectoration has been the mineral waters used. The mineral waters as a base of the inhalations can be also supplemented with medicaments for serious case of asthma, natural salt for catarrh of the upper airways or herbal infusions. The opearating period is individual, maximal 10 minutes.

Oxygen is a natural element discovered in 1774. As one of a few has been treated as a giver of life and youth. Absence of oxygen in the body is usually caused by its oversize consumption under stress. However, sometimes it can be caused by absence of oxygen in the breathed air (higher levels, poluted environment, smoking). According to the specialists the concentrated oxygen takes an beneficial effect also in case of health people. The right name for the treatment with help of oxygen is oxygentherapy and we tell you a little bit more about it. The oxygentherapy is a healing cure where has been recommended to breathe 40% mixture of oxygen and the air while using a mask or special nose catheter at least for one hour time.The addition oof vitamine cure and breathing exercises is also important. The positive effects of this treatment last a long time after the therapy. When to undretake this therapy? In case of headaches, lack of appetite, enhanced fatigue, sleep disturbances, psychical problems and depressions, pneumonopathy and bronchitis. It is good for the noxious tumour therapy, too. The oxygentherapy also reinforces immune system in fighting infections, cerebral and tumour ailments. The therapy protects you from the bad headaches and stress. The therapy also takes positive effects on our organism in case of high blood pressure, diabetis, varicose ulcers, heart arrhytmia, after heart attack and other ailments.

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