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The spa rank among the most attractive and the most famous spas in Slovakia. It is situated in the healthy coniferous woods where the eastern part of the Panoramas enriches the view of stately edges of Malá Fatra Mountains.

Treatment subtypes Beauty / Wellness

It is a special type of equipment massage against cellulite and to strengthen limp muscles.

Chemical peeling is a very effective mean to favourable curative treatment of the skin. Either diseased states, when there are various types of indication, or rather cosmetical indication represeted as a result of ageing. The principe itself includes an application of an active substance on the skin surface causing the goal-directed removal of superficial, eventually superficial deeper layers of the skin. The reimbursement process when the ill or by diseased symptoms afflicted skin is regenerated by new, younger cells of skin, is following. The entire procedure takes a few days or weeks.

Application of the face mask cleans and hydrates skin and smooths down the exacerbation. The application of the face mask has benefical effects on everyday backwatsh exposure tired skin.

Cosmetics is concerned dermatological treatment and face cleaning and also cleaning of the whole body.

This procedure helps to the reliet and regeneration of everyday strained face skin owing to adverse environment, stress and care absence. The wraps have healthy influence on regeneration of the face and the skin is so hydrated, smooth, fresh and healthy.

Hydratation cures are used to skin treatment, strained by unfavourable situations of everyday life. The skin is given an appropriate care resulting better perfusing, hydratation and overall skin recondition. It is not only about face but entirely skin of human body.

It is a special treatment of feet.

P-Shine is fair nature technic how to make up your nails. The nails are dressed by special paste, containing bee wax, beebread and silicic clay extracting in the Japanese sea. P-Shine technique supports perfusing and health growth of nails, regeneration of nails and the nails also get important vitamines against crumbling and frazzling.

Light therapy is a healing method while operating energy of light, through eyes on the hypothalamus influencing body working. A vegetative nerve system influencing all life functions plays there an important role.

This cure is designed specially for the hand skin suffering under dehydration and poverty of sustenance causing problems such as crackling and drying of the skin, horny skin with or without crazing, skin cracks between fingers, calluses etc. These injurious signs can be caused by the negative influences of the environment, working conditions (contact with water, grinding products), footwear, problems with skin etc.

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