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Fortuna Praha SH offers comfortable accommodation, perfect services and agreable atmosphere  with own pool, curative spring and summer terrace.

Treatment types

An essential part of this group are not in treatment of particular diseases engaged procedures centred on embellishment, cleaning, rejuvenation or hydratation of particular parts of human body but also on gaining in condition. There are the most modern methods having beneficial effects not only on by damaging effects everyday stressed skin represented in the group. The procedures also antagonize stress. The overall embellishment also influences for a good human psyche because thanks to more beautiful appearance, better condition and skin relief you feel much more better.

Diet therapy concerns directly diets or if you like special adjustment of foods of the client that helps in healing such diseases which influence irregular diet customs or which directly fights obesity that unduly strains organism in itself.

With respect to the fact the most of Czech spas are located in the places where have been jetting healing mineral or thermal wells this group of medication unites the procedures, relating to per oral using of particular healing waters.

To better mucous membranes of airways has been used aerosol inhalations, mostly of mineral waters, used in particular health resorts which can be in case of more serious diseases supplemented with medicaments. The procedures also improve breathing.

Procedures in this group usually come from Asia or the Middle East. As late as recently thanks to greater freedom of eastern cultures there have been appearing so many methods, used there from time immemorial. The medication enables to feel not only physical regeneration but also relaxation, these medications also help to understand what the strength of the eastern healers with mental relief effects, removal of stress caused by complications, strain and anxiety consists in.

There are rare and mostly new or new founded procedures with various effects included. We can say the procedures are not quite standard and also not entirely classifiable. Of course, these procedures are not standard procedures of health resorts.

As matter of fact it is a medication with help of light in its various forms. With helps of full spectral type of light the medication enhance physical activity and has direct effects on human mental condition  and it also raises immunity.

In this group there is a great number of procedures having effects on human body involved. Among the procedures you find all electropathy types but also mechanotherapy, also various types of massages and medication of human body by any type of working. These procedures are usually prescribed while abstention of locomotive organs diagnosis.

Healthy operation of sound in certain forms and intensities has already been proved. Procedures in this group can seem to be very different but they have the use of sound to healing in common.

That is just why people usually go to the health resort to heal by various diseases caused problems, there are also various medical investigations an essential part of bathing care. These investigations are instrumental towards the best state of diagnosis and resulting treatment because not every in bathing care interested person knows whether suffers under some disease and what kind of disease is it, that is why there are specialists in every health resort pursuing investigation relating to this group of bathers.

As you can see in the name of the group it matches procedures, used to heal diseases and difficulties connected with changing thermal environment. These procedures do not consist only in the warm medication but also on contrary. In this very large group of procedures are any and all bathes and wraps by thermal changes healing procedures included.

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