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Nový Smokovec Spa was originally established as an upland climatic spa with the oldest tradition in the Central Europe. The surroundings of the spa is ideal fow wlking and recreative and alpine turistic. The spa has been much-sought-for especially by from airways diseases suffering clients.

Thermia Palace *****

Hotel description

Thermia Palace Hotel is a wearer of the mark Danubius Classic Collection symbolizing an unique atmosphere, high quality and excellent services.



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A secession jewl from 1912 is situated in the charming environment of the curative island direcly above the thermal springs and curative mud resources.


Renovated, fully air-conditioned hotel of Thermia Palace offers 111 rooms, 14 of which apartments. The author of the entire interior is Austrian designer Gina Zarski who the beauty of the old days refreshed with modern spirit. Thanks to restorers the wealhty artifical decoration of the locations and interiors, relieves, masks on the frontages, ceramic elements, applications and glass vitriols been preserved.


The rooms are fitted with flat cathode-ray tube, Pay TV, internet access, safe, two telephones, mini bar, tea and coffee service, dressing-gown and fohn. In the rooms of the Deluxe-category the guests also find a present and a dailies.

HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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