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Nový Smokovec Spa was originally established as an upland climatic spa with the oldest tradition in the Central Europe. The surroundings of the spa is ideal fow wlking and recreative and alpine turistic. The spa has been much-sought-for especially by from airways diseases suffering clients.

The spa of Františkovy Lázně

Spa description

The spa of Františkovy Lázně constitutes one of the pillars of so-called"Western Spa Triangle". Though small, very beautiful. Its position nearby German border and not far from the historical town of Chebu has made a very attractive destination from it. By its original historical architecture, parks and high experienced doctors and healing facilities it is a part of world spa. Thanks to purity of style of the spa kernel the town has gained a status of the monumental reservation. Wonderful surroundings and parks just suggest themselves to biker or hiker trips. The bather are given the options to play tennis, minigolf or the traditionlal spa sports. The bathing houses has been preparing many cultural programmes not only for their clients.


In the town of Western Bohemia with an advanced bathing tradition in elevation above sea-level of 400 with a moderate climate.


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HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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