Spa Jáchymov

Zobrazeno 1 - 5 z celkově 5 hotelů

Health Sanatorium of Akademik Běhounek built in 1975 is conceived for bathing services. All terreces and balconies offer unique views of the skyline of the Krušné Mountains.

The Palace Hotel, built in neo-classical style, furnished with all luxury of the time, was completed in 1912 and belonged to the best Europe could offer in the healing sphere at that time. Nowadays it provides a complete bathing care, also treatment, accommodation and boarding.

Spa Hotel Elektra was built about 1900. Its current appearance is due to connecting two originally separate houses, Elektra and Mignon.Its contemporary accommodation standard was achieved by extensive renovation in 2003.

Spa Hotel Praha was originally built as a Hotel Miracle in 1902. Today the main building is interconnected by a roofed corridor with the Curie Spa Hotel, which menas that is comforms to the criteria of a full service spa facility.

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