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The joint stock company Healing Spa Jáchymov has already existed more than 10 years. It is just a fragment of time compared with nearly centenary history of the history of the Jáchymov Spa and number of centuries the healing effect on the human organism of the radon water has been known.

The joint stock company Healing Resort Jáchymov has an extraordinary possition in healing of locomotive organs disorders and also thanks to an unique basic healing mean – radon mineral waters. This natural healing resource with high content of radioactive gas of radon that is a resource of soft alfa radiation taking positive intesive effects on the human organism. The medication itself in form whole-body baths takes an essential anti-inflammantory and analgetic effects bringing a long-term relief to the patients.


The spa town of Jáchymov is situated in the Western Bohemia in the deep woody valley on the foothill of the Krušné Mountains about 20km away from the world-famous spa town of Karlovy Vary.


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HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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