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The most famous and also biggest spa in Slovakia namely thanks to curative effects of thermal mineral waters and sulphiric mud. The spa has comfortable climate with the biggest amount of the sunny days in the Central Europe.

Spa hotel Olga ****

Hotel description

Spa hotel Olga new built and opened in 2003 is a central healing and modern accomodation unit of Bechyně Spa in the Southern Bohemia with its own balneal services.



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The hotel is a right centre of the Bechyně Spa and is situated right in the area of the bath park on the edge of the town of Bechyně.


This bathing hotel has a capacity of 328 beds. There are double rooms in form of standard accomodation rooms, luxurious apartments and also president apartment. The hotel is used not only as a accomodation unit but also as an ordinary hotel without healing procedures. Smoking is strict prohibited and pets are not allowed in the hotel.


Above the entire balneologic services there is also an indoor pool and whirlpool, further daily bar and gallery in the hotel. The part of it is also parking and you can drive right there. Smokin is strict prohibited. Pets are not allowed in the hotel.

HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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