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The most famous and also biggest spa in Slovakia namely thanks to curative effects of thermal mineral waters and sulphiric mud. The spa has comfortable climate with the biggest amount of the sunny days in the Central Europe.

Welcome in the spa guider !!

You get knowledge there the basic information on spa care in CzechRepublic.

It has not been true long since stays in these resorts are designed only for old and bad diseased people. 

Why spa?

Spa offers inexhaustible amount of stays that accommodate even wishes of the most demanding clients. To the spa you do not go only on account of treatment but also relaxation, refuel both physical and mental energy, simply to enjoy a few days of retirement and to beatify one’s body. Beyond traditional treatment stays that are designed direct for cure of diseases and health problems also exist wellness and relaxation stays, whereat you lay off and attend to your body or managerial stays, specializing in hardness associated with high working load. In the offer of health resorts there is an extensity of  medication types and procedures from bathing through massages, inhalations, drinking cures to oriental techniques and special therapies which by its healthy effects advance psychical and physical harmony of human body.

How can spa help you?  

Spa are facilities mostly with narrower specialisation. In these branches there are front-end facilities good for health for such as living through serious disorders and operations, though. Clients not only in surgical condition are given maximal care and  everybody is individually approached. A treatment combined with such an approach and the other client pertaining services are choicely chosen and prepared by bath doctors who are authorities in their branch. 

How to the spa?  

There are three options of taking advantage and  settlement of spa services in the CzechRepublic:

Self-paid spa care

In case of this medication type there is no need to visit doctor to stand to bath medication. In this case it is you who makes a decision and you also cover all costs allied to your in the spa. However, this medication type offers inexhaustible amount of programmes that are offered by spa. You are not restricted to your anamnesis in the proposal made by doctor but you can choose any medical, relaxation or wellness&beauty programme. In short everything is according to your wish. 

  • You only tell your wish to use services of spa direct our employees. By telephone or through email or order form on our portal or by way of the link made -to-measure offer you tell your concrete conception of spa services, terms and terms of payment and on basis of the information we gladly work out an offer exactly according to your wish and then you only choose the option of the stay which is the best for you. 

Comprehensive spa care 

This type of bath care consists in fact that entire spending on medication, boarding and accommodation settles health insurance house for you. In this case the stays are designed for the clients whose diagnosis that requires spa medication has been provided.

 How to proceed on?

  • You visit your physician and tell him your wish to undergo medical treatment in the spa or the matter of fact will be proposed by the physician who also makes bathhouse treatment proposal. The physician moves you to the specialist who confirms your medical proposal.
  • After the approval of the proposal by the checking doctor of the health insurance house you can undergo the medical treatment in the spa that has been chosen and approved by the checking doctor of the health insurance house. 

Contributory spa care

Claim to this medication type also comes into being on the basis of medical proposal. However, in this proposal there is stated that patient are settled only the spendings on bathing treatment.  

In this case you go the same way such in case of the comprehensive spa care. However with the difference that your health insurance house settles only spendings on  the spa care. You cover accommodation and boarding.


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