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Ann´s Peat Spa, situated in the quiet little town of Lázně Bělohrad, has 120 years of tradition behind it. The majority of the clients coming to the spa suffer from ailments of the locomotive system.

Types of wellness and relaxation programs

These programmes are compiled for clients having managerial occupation. They are focused especially on antistress cures and massages to release human body as much as possible because the body has been tiring by unhealthy life style and everyday stress.

Senior designed programmes are individually setted stays for earlier born bathers specializing in problemes which are often related to the gaining age. They also include many supplemental procedures specially designed for seniors.

Bathing stays in character degigned firstly for soft sex are pertinent of this group of stays. Especially the wellness & beauty procedures are also adjusted. These programmes are full of regeneration, retirement and peace and they are of healthy effect for each woman.

This extensive group of bathing stays has been desgined for you who clean do not labour with any disease, though you would like to spend pleasant time in the spa. Relaxation stays are full of inexhaustible amount of services in all lodging cathegories and lenght of bathing stay. They include both traditional and the latest, special or oriental procedures which combinated transcendence of bathing enviroment and calm bring relief not only to your body but also your mind.

In this group there are especially programmes with particular direction. The group offers services, conformed to certain health program such as obesity or interfility.

Sport programmes include stayings related to some sports segment. The sport is an essential part within staying and it is often linked to teaching and perfecting of it. Select from our golf and another sports stay in offer.

This group includes action packkages in form of weekend or another short term stayings.

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