Rehabilitation Sanatorium Darkov Spa

Hotel description

Rehabilitation Snatorium is a younger part of the Darkov Spa, established in 1976. It is a large compley of interconnected buildings which with a little bit exaggeration can be called „mini-city“. An accommodation, dinning, healing procedures and most supplementary services are kept at clients´ disposal in the Rehabilitation Sanatorium of Darkov Spa.


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Sanatorium is situated in the marvellous spa park furnishing very pleasnat and undisturbed atmosphere.


There are many cultural options for bathers in the complex of Rehabilitation Sanatorium. Dancing evenings and cultural programmes take a place right in the space of Reahbilitation Sanatorium periodically. Further options offer pleasant sitting in the cafés, walking in the spa park, visiting of castle area and castle gallery in Karviná - Fryštát, walks in the historical centre of town of Karviná. For bathers there are periodically organized trips to the near but also further surroundings of the spa.


Area of the buildings is chacteristized by its architectonical curtness of 70s and 80s. It provides a comfort of a modern available healing resort"under one roof". Single rooms, double rooms, lux-cathegory rooms and apatments, all with fitting are at disposal. The part of rooms is conformed to immobile patients.

HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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