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Fortuna Praha SH offers comfortable accommodation, perfect services and agreable atmosphere  with own pool, curative spring and summer terrace.

Piešťany Spa

Spa description

For the most part the spa is situated on the island but partly it also trenches upon the centre of the town of Piešťany – in a way it is a town in the town. Piešťany have been visited by clients of over the world already more than two hundred years. Productive thermal and mineral springs and sulphuric mud became so a basement of the treatment of locomotive organs and nerve diseases and occupational diseases. On the spa island there spring forth sulphuric-carbonate, calcite-magnesium mineral water to 69,5 °G warm, fruitfulness of 45 l/s and there is also sulphuric mud extracted. There are laso the biggest and the most modern spa hotels in Slovakia.


The Piešťany Spa is situated in the western part of the Slovakian Republic in the region of Trnava, in the valley of the down stream of the longest Slovakian river of Váh.


HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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