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The youngest spa in Slovakia. The treatment is based on the rare balneal characteristics of the mineral water.

Nový Smokovec Spa

Spa description

The essential healing method is a climatotherapy and active exercises of the patients on the fresh air connected with walking and easier hikes in the lovely environment of the Vysoké Tatry Mountains. The complete bathing care is based on using of natural curative resources combinated with modern healing and rehabilitative methods. Hotel complex offers not only first-rate accommodation in the hotels of Palace and Branisko but after a hard day you can also relax in the hotel pool, wellness centre or just sit in the cosy restaurant of Svišť. There is also congress centre equipped with the lastest technique with capacity to 350 seats in the complex.


The hotel complex is situated in the important recreation centre of Smokovec laying in the central area of Vysoké Tatry Mountains in the elevation of 1010 m above sea right under the foothill of the Slavkovský Peak.


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HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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