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One of the oldest spas in Europe lying in the heart of Slovakia in the southwestern part of the region of Turiec. The curatice spa in Turčianské Teplice are much-for-sought for its excellent mineral water of 38-47°C.

Natural resources

Nowadays we use carbonated mineral water mostly for external balneotherapy. Positive affects especially on hearth, circulation of blood and rhexis have already been clinically tested. The other no less important and related positive effects is neuro-vegetative field, or more precisely regulative-leading, and not last but to with civilization the most involved nerve organism locomotive organs, also joints, muscular tentacles and spine.

This water operates bonding tissue of  vascular and locomotive system hence is taken an advance of it while medication of vascular, neurologic disorders and locomotive organs diseases. It also has dermal and gynecological indications. It is applied in form of baths in bathtub or pool, inhalations or wraps.

This natural healing resource containing great deal of radioactive niton gas has overall effect on human body. The medication itself in the form of whole body bathtub baths has an essential antiphlogistic and analgetic effect hence brings a long-term ache relief to the patients. Niton bathes marketedly amend dynamics of joints, support immunity and exert good influence up blood pressure and they also enhance vascular system.


The effect of moor procedures is based on accumulating and steady transmitting of warm  affection. Hence the patient bears higher temperature of the quag than he could bear for instance in case of the bath. The effect consists in the enhancement of vascular system, metabolism and beneficial effects on chronical inflammations. The acidity of moor destroys microorganisms including mould. Moor procedures are of use while healing problems of locomotive organs and female diseases.

Sulphric waters belong in the peloids of the best quality in the world based on sediments of Vah river where the strong thermal mineral waters are risen. It is a mud of very soft structure, containing a great deal of organic matters of greasy butyraceous quality, glaucous to black colour and  perfect thermal absorption (it cools four times slower than water does).

Sulphuric waters usually in form of the baths famous for their typical smell having a beneficial effect on number spheres. The most numerous group can be influenced are skin diseases and disorders of locomotive organs. The best relief return sulphuric baths to people suffering under inflammatory joints diseases. The sulphur also has strong beneficial effect on abarticular and muscular rheumatism. Under muscular problems suffering people will be very nice surprised after sulhuric bath application. The other numerous group includes degenerative joints disease. Sulphuric bath also has a strong effect against psoriasis, acne, eczema and other skin diseases. The sulphuric bathes are also a good prevention.

Thermal and healing waters can be used in healing many types of diseases and health condition, namely in case of skin diseases, locomotive organs diseases, gynecological problems, alimentary tract problems, chronical skin diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiration problems, infertility, renal diseases, nervous breakdown etc.

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