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The spa was opened at the beginning of the 20th century as a first world spa using radon water in the healing procedures. A new tradition of the spa of Jáchymov is a medial approach of the bathing care and also an excellent level of the board and accommodation services.

Miramare Luhačovice Sanatorium Spa

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The spa hotel of MIRAMARE is situated in the quiet environment of Luhačovic nearby centre and spa park. The resort consists of three interconnected buildings MIRAMARE - Miramare II, Miramare I and Miramare-Helena and four depandances: Rita, Pernštýn, Petřín and Nasta.

Spa hotel of the Vila Antoaneta is the latest of spa hotels of Miramare in Luhačovice and it is opened since 4th June 2006. The complex consists of three interconnected buildings.

Villa of RITA has been newly reconstructed, opened since April 2001. The villa is located in the street in close proximity of building of Miramare I and the clients so do not have to walk more than 30 m. It is a standalone villa with two floors without lift.

HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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