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In 1822 V. Priessnitz founded there the first hydrotherapeutic institute in the world. The healing resort is situated in the favourable climate and enable treatment of the guests in any season. The stay in the local landscape combinated with the modern science returns people physical but also psychical health.

Miramare Luhačovice Sanatorium Spa

Spa description

In the complex of the main buildings there is located accommodation, boarding services and also all healing procedures, from other services cosmetics, hairdresser´s, pedicure, daily bar, bike rental, swimmning pool, safe etc. The spa is world-famous thanks to its healing natural springs, suitable climate and agreagble atmosphere. The health resort of Miramare offers retirement in the pleasant and quiet environment and by its serivces has been trying to contribute to the health of its clients.


The bathing town of Luhačovice is situated in the southeastern part of Moravia, on the boundary-line of Wallachia and Moravian Slovácko in the district of Zlín and it counts approximately 7000 inhabitants. The name of the entire locality is Luhačovické Zálesí and it is a part of the Protected Landscape of the White Carpatian Area. The town is situated in the elevation of 250 m above the seal level and is sourrounded by the Vizovické Peaks.


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HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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