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The most famous and also biggest spa in Slovakia namely thanks to curative effects of thermal mineral waters and sulphiric mud. The spa has comfortable climate with the biggest amount of the sunny days in the Central Europe.

Luhačovice Spa

Spa description

The bathing procedures are based on using of natural healing resources and favourable climate combinated with the most modern healing and rehabilitation methods. On the place of Luhačovice there spring forth 16 hydrocarbonatechloridesodium acidulous waters and one sulphuric spring. Cations the mineral waters contain are namely natrium and less calcium and magnesium. Anions the mineral waters contain: chlorine, carbonic acid, further bromine, iodine and from dissolving gases there is an essential contain of the free carbon dioxide. The temperature of the water springing forth is about 10 to 12 °C. The most popular mineral springs springing there forth are Vincentka, Aloiska, Ottovka and Dr. Šťastný Spring.



The bathing town of Luhačovice is situated in the southeastern part of Moravia, on the boundary-line of Wallachia and Moravian Slovácko in division of Zlín and has approximately 7000 inhabitants. The entire locality has been called Luhačovické Zálesí and it is a part of the Protected Landscape of the White Carpatian Mountains. The town is situated in elevation 250 m above the sea level and is surrounded by Vizovické Peaks.


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