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Harkány Spa is a jewel among Hungarian spas. It is much-for-sought and favourite place not only for the stable and pleasant climate but especially for structure of local thermal curative water.

Diseases of adult people

Circulation system disorders

EKG, cholesterol /eventually triglycerides/. By a hypertensive disease also eye ground. By obliterate vascular processes also functional pain tests and positional change of colour on the limps and eye ground tests. RTG of thoracal organs/by children individually considered by suggesting doctor/.

Digestive organs diseases

Relevant RTG or endoscopic investigation, event. Chemical investigation of gastric juices.

Locomotive organs disorders

Relevant special investigation including description of the RTG scenes no older than 2 years.

Mental disorders

Special psychiatrically investigation /with summary of present process of medication/.

Nerve disorders

Special neurological investigation including results of laboratory and functional investigations, in cases of radicular syndromes also characterization of RTG pictures of the respective part of the spine /anatomic and functional/, by cerxicovesical, more-cerxicovesical and cerxicobrachial syndromes also EKG.

Non-tuberculosis diseases of the airways

Detailed exhaling of vital capacity, by airways diseases special otorinolaryngologic investigation, by allergy ailments allergology investigation. RTG of thoracal organs /, by children individually considered by suggesting doctor/, indications XXV/1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, not necessary/.

Oncology diseases

Special oncology investigations including relevant laboratory investigations /compulsory ELFO of polypeptides, RTG of the thoracal organs, conformably to the character of the ailment other needful investigations/. Investigations no older than 2 months.

Children's diseases

Digestive tract diseases (childish)

Contraindications for the entire group XXIII.

Gynecological diseases (childish)

Contraindications for the entire  group  XXXI.: appendicitis chronica.

Mental disorders (childish)

Designed only for bathing medication of young generation.

Methabolism and endocrine glands diseases (childish)

In frame of indication XXIV/1 is possible to lodge only to CHR (Childish Healing Resort) Karlovy Vary children and young people with newly stated diabetes, as a rule accompanied by parents to the educational stay lasting 14 days.

Nerve disorders (childish)

Contraindications for the entire group XXVI: more serious psychical disorder, skin defects and conditions which are not influence able by rehabilitation.

Non-tuberculosis diseases of the airways (childish)

Contraindications for the entire group XXV. Cardio respiratory shortness, anatomical obstructions of the airways. For the medication in the Jánské Lázně resort are bronchiectasies an contraindication.

Oncoloy diseases (childish)

Onkologic diseases to 24 months from the finalization of the comprehensive medication without any symptoms of recidive and metastasis.

Skin diseases (childish)

Contraindications for the entire group XXX. Microbial eczema.

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