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The most famous and also biggest spa in Slovakia namely thanks to curative effects of thermal mineral waters and sulphiric mud. The spa has comfortable climate with the biggest amount of the sunny days in the Central Europe.

Harkány Spa

Spa description

The beginng of bathing in the town of Harkány (read: Harkáň) which has been more and more famous dates back to the period 180 years ago. The beneficial effects and the curative strength of local springs firstly proved the workers who had been draining Harkanian swamps. The town of Harkány and also the local spa had rightly deserved name: Mecca of rheumatics. Hundred years old past is a prove that this water disposes of quite unique curative strentgh among the curative waters cointaining sulphur. It has been proved that the Harkanian water in forms of baths is suitable for treatment of locomotive organs and joints diseases, thraumatological treatment, psoriasis, gynecological problems, inflammatory diseases and sterility. As a drinking cure is the water designed for healing of catarrh of digestive system and also in case of gallbladder and liver diseases. Favourable climate, clean environment, quiet surroundings, unique curative water of the town of Harkány, excellent wines from region of Villány and Siklós, matters of interests of the surroundings and gatronomic experiences make the passed days unforgettable.


This spa town with Mediterranean climate lies in the southwestern tail of the land, direcly nearby  Dráva River which creates there a frontier to former Yugoslavia (27 km far off Pécse and 242 km far off Budapest).


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HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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