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We introduce

The youngest spa in Slovakia. The treatment is based on the rare balneal characteristics of the mineral water.

Gift certificate

Through our gift certificate you are in a position to dower your akins with spa services and give them so health, retirement and relaxation.

Having filled out required basic information in the following form, where you state what kind of certificate you are interested in and further information about you and the done, you will be contacted by our employees with regard to your conception, which way and what you would like to dower to your akins, eventually the wording the certificate should have.

Types of the gift certificates

Gift certificate made out to amount due 

  • certificate can be made out to concrete sum of money settled in cash or by transferring on the account of our company before making out of the certificate
  • as soon as is the sum transferred you will be made out and via mail or as an email attachment e-mail sent gift certificate
  • in the moment when the done has obtained the certificate is in a position to choose from our offer any bathing services within the limits of the gift certificate in any time he chooses

Gift certificate made out direct to particular stay 

  • in that case is gift certificate made out to spa services you have chosen, including boarding and accommodation in particular spa you choose from our offer 
  • it is usually choice of particular medical, relaxation, wellness or another programmes that contain in advance given spa service and accommodation, you settle the price of such a programme

Gift certificate made out to particular services 

  • while choice of this gift certificate you contribute to the stay in the spa of the done when you cover only a part of entire spa stay by means of the certificate
  • according to your wish the certificate will be made out for instance only to accommodation or spa services and the done settled the rest of the price

Gift certificate



Delivery address:



The certificate is valid for 3 months since the issue date

(additional charge 50 CZK for registered delivery)

HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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