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The most famous and also biggest spa in Slovakia namely thanks to curative effects of thermal mineral waters and sulphiric mud. The spa has comfortable climate with the biggest amount of the sunny days in the Central Europe.

General terms

1. Participants of the contractual relations

The general business terms alter mutual relation and legal relation between the travel agency S-GUIDE, Ltd, IBN: 26946718, seat Údolní Street 33, 602 00 Brno (further only travel agency) as a provider of the services in travel sphere and individuals or corporations (further only customer) as users of these services. Travel agency retains the right to state diverse conditions which precede these conditions in the sales material (catalogue, informative or supply sheet).

2. Order and  attendance confirmation

A customer can book travelling services according to his own criteria by form Offer Request/ Order which is available on the web sites of the travel agency www.mojelazne.cz. In case the Offer Request/ Order has all belongings, travel agency works out a particular offer that sends to the customer. The customer of the travelling service makes an order in form of the binding order, namely in electronic form (e-mail) or through fax. The customer is given a notice by Order Confirmation, namely in electronic form (e-mail), where he is also given a notice about the appurtenances of the payment. The reservation will be obligatory confirmed through e-mail after the of the satisfaction of the advance payment in an amount of 40% of the price, eventually of the whole amount. In case the reservation has not been successful there is an another alternative solution offered.

3. Terms of payment

  1. Making an order there is necessary to settle an advance payment that is payable in 2 working days from the sending of the Order Confirmation. In case of the order of the accommodation marked as „Last Minute Offer“is the account day of the whole amount by the second day. The maturity date is the date of settlement of the advance payment, eventually of the additional payment or whole amount on the bank account of the travel agency or the date of the personal settlement in the office of the travel agency. The amount of the advance payment is 40% of the price of all ordered services and it serves as a binding confirmation of the ordered services. In ordering of the insurance must be covered the whole amount for the arranging of the insurance. In case of the cancellation insurance must be written up the contract at the latest on a day of the settlement of the sum for arranging of the insurance of the cancellation fees.
  2. The rest of the price must be settled before the departure so that the document about payment is at the disposal of the travel agency at the latest 30 days before the departure. The breach of this term is considered the customer did not accept an offer whereas he is obliged to settle the under mentioned compensation money (see article No. 9, par 2). Without full settlement of the price of the services customer will not receive any needed travel documents (vouchers, maps and other information) and at the same time he pledges himself in case of the incomplete settlement of the price of the services not to draw any given services of the travel agency. The fees related with the change in the order (see article 9c) must be settled without delay.
  3. The order includes price specifications from the offer mentioned in Czech crowns or Euro. At conversion of the foreign currency in domestic exchange is the exchange rate determined by the travel agency in accordance with list of exchange of the eBank.
  4. - in cash in the office of the travel agency –  Údolní Street 33, 1. floor, 602 00 Brno
    -deposit on the account of the travel agency keeping in the eBank
    - credit transfer of the financial amount. Is this payment classified as a payment abroad the fee pays the transferring person.

4. Agreed services

  1. For the range of the agreed services is obliged specification of the services mentioned on the binding order. Extension or changes of the services beyond the frame of the agreed services (Order) must be confirmed edgewise travel agency in writing and settled by customer before the date of the beginning of course of the ordered services.
  2. Unless the customer takes an advantage of some agreed services the compensation of unexpended services.

5. Contracting parties relations

Contracting parties communicate with each other electronically (via e-mail), through fax or by telephone. In case of postal traffic the address for service of the customer is the address referred-to the Order and delivery address of the travel agency is Údolní Street 33, 1. floor, 602 00 Brno. Travel agency undertakes to provide all documents via mail by 7 days after the settlement of the full price of the ordered services at the latest 2 days before departure to the customer.

6. Prices and settlement

  1. Prices of the services are referred-to in the Order that works out travel agency on the basis of Offer Request/ Order of the customer. The amount is essential by the setting of the quality of services. Travel agency is obligated to notify appropriate change of the price of services to the customer in order that the accordant measures on both sides can be done.
  2. The customer acknowledges that at ordering of a half double room (possibly triple room) the additional charge to the price likes on the Order of single room must be charged. Unless there is not found another participant who binds himself to settle it- also in the case the charge primarily was not a part of the price of the services. It also stands in case of change of the number of people in accommodation, especially by reason of cancellation of a part of ordered services.
  3. In case of stays shorter than 3 days there can be another additional charge for short-term stays in an amount 10%, however at least 3 Euro, for a person a day charged.
  4. Discounts referred-to materials of the travel agency are to award only in case the customer has realized the terms of draw of these discounts. Unless there is expressly referred-to otherwise it is not possible to do sums of particular discounts.

7. Changes of offered services and prices

  1. Travel agency is competent to realize changes of particular services that are inevitable and the travel agency has not caused them on purpose. In case of change in accommodation the travel agency must keep the same category that was determined by customer in the order (in this case client is not entitled to price change), possibly a higher category (in this case the travel agency is not entitled to additional charge) or a lower category (in this case client is entitled to restitution of the existing price difference, he has not got any other claims to restitution).
  2. In cases travel agency cannot influence the changes of agreed terms of concrete service are entitled. Travel agency is obliged to notify such changes to the customer without undue delay. A discordant customer is entitled to back out of the contract without undue delay namely electronically (via email). In this case the customer will be given the already settled amount, any supplementary obligations do not originate. If it is to the contrary it is regarded customer accepts the change. In this case of above-mentioned change pursuable as far as during the time of accommodation the customer is eligible to draw back the price difference in case it origins. Any other compensations are not entitled.  
  3. In the order requisitioned unpaid services provides travel agency to the customer just in case that situation makes it possible and any financial or other detriment to the travel agency has not been risen. In case of withholding of the service there is no occurrence of claim to compensatory damages to the customer.  
  4. In consequence of so-called inevitable accident, i.e.  owing to causes the travel agency could not prevent not even in case of total exertion is entitled to settlement of provided services.
  5. Further information on change of ordered services see par No. 9.

8. Conveyance  

  1. The prices provided by travel agency to the customer are noted without conveyance. The customer uses his own means of transport. During the transport of the customer by his own means transport travel agency does not bear any liability for the customer and his belongings. Travel agency ensures only transport of hex ads and bigger groups on the basis of the transport order. The type and way of transport depends on the agreement between travel agency and customer. While using another than own transport travel agency does not guarantee for relevant delay and refers to possible occurrence for technical reasons. While personal planning of connections, holiday, business meetings etc. the customer also has to allow for the feasibility of outstanding delay. Travel agency does not answer for a damage caused due in consequence of the delay. In case of the delay the customer is not entitled to cancel the order.

9. Cancellation and amendments of the ordered services

  1. The customer is entitled to cancel his order with travel agency any time before his departure. The cancellation of the ordered services must be done in writing or electronically (via email). For determination of the date of cancellation ordered services is critical date of the deliverance of the written announcements of ordered services to the travel agency. The travel agency charged compensation money from each person who covers ordered services, including children. While cancellation of the order:
    90 and more days before departure: 1 000,- CZK,
    60 - 89 days before departure: 20 % of price of ordered services but at least 1 000,- CZK,
    59 - 30 days before departure: 40 % of price of ordered services but at least  1 000,- CZK,
    29 - 14 days before departure: 60 % of  price of ordered services but at least 1 000,- CZK,
    13 - 7 days before departure 80 % of price of ordered services but at least,  1 000,- CZK
    less than 7 days before departure: 100 % of price of ordered services.
  2. For a substantial amendment of the order (change of the participant etc.) made after the transmission of the order every participant settles a lump fee 100 CZK. Charges for clerical operations related to disposal of above standard services are defined individually after deal with the customer.
  3. In case of cancellation customer is charged compensation money of the insurance excluding amount. The customer is not given back the insurance amount.
  4. In case of urgency travel agency is entitled to cancel the ordered services at the latest  24 hours before departure. The customer is so entitled to claim on providing of the compensation money or replacement of the advance payment, eventually of the gross of the ordered services.  
  5. Electronically made binding orders of the services in travel agency do not have any respect to the provision § 53 par 6. law No. 40/1964 Digest, Civil codex, as amended.
  6. Customer is also entitled to cancel his order of the gift certificate on the financial amount in travel agency by three months since the gift certificate has been made. Cancellation of the ordered service must be done in writing or electronically (via email). In case of cancellation of the ordered gift certificate on financial amount is charged cancellation fee 10% of the financial amount but at least 200,- CZK.

 10. Complaint order

  1. In case that extent and quality of provided services is demonstrably lower than agreed in advance, the customer is entitled to administrative claim. The customer must stake his complaint claims in the travel agency in writing with undue delay but at least by 7 days from ending of his stay, if it is to the contrary the reclamation will not be regarded as alleged. 
  2. While occurrence of the faults in performance is the customer obliged assert his complaint apply on time with undue delay. The customer is obliged behave in way the possible damages are prevented and they are as low as possible. Above all the customer is obliged to tell entire costs without delay form the whereabouts the competent person of the travel agency (by telephone, via email of SMS) that  takes necessary steps  for remedy.  In cases when was possible to debug during the stay and customer did not notify the travel agency the customer is not occurred of discount claim retroactively. Customer is obliged to provide participation needful for the settlement of the claim. Belated and proof less claims will not be taken into consideration.
  3. Coming circumstances which origin, course and consequence is not dependent on the activity and process of the travel agency or circumstances on the part of customer on basis of which the customer cannot partly or fully also use of the ordered, paid and by travel agency provided services there is not any claim on settlement or discount of the price of these services risen unless agreed otherwise.  
  4. Settlement of a claim must be made in writing at the latest 30 days since the claim has been exercised unless travel agency settled on another term with the customer. In case of written discontent expression of the customer with the answer is travel agency obliged to crosscheck the claim and send the result to the customer in term of 30 days. Travel agency is not obliged to answer any other claims concerning the passed business.

11. Insurance 

  1. Customers can insure against risks related to the ordered services on the basis of contract closed between travel agency and insurance company Allianz for the sake of accident, death, damage, destruction and estrangement of the luggage and small stores, for sake of the liability for damage caused by customer and the cancellation of the ordered services at the hands of the customer.  
  2. Before conclusion of the insurance is customer obliged to peruse General insurable terms and Special insurable terms. Travel agency is obliged to notify the customer about these insurance terms before the conclusion of the insurance contract. Exclusions form the insurance, process for sake of the insured accident and its liquidation acts to the General insurable terms. Special insurable terms and internal rules of the insurance company.  
  3. By the insurance are the contractual relations between customer/insured and insurance company established and the travel agency is only a intermediary of the conclusion of the insurance contract. In sake of the insured accident of the insurance of the cancellation charges is customer obliged to notify the travel agency the following working day and also announce without undue delay the insurance company by writing.
  4. Unless otherwise stated, the price of the ordered services excludes insurance.

12. Accommodation                                         

  1. Accommodation for customer is reserved before departure in the quality agreed between travel agency and customer. While enrolling and checking out customer has to follow the terms accommodation and keep housing regulations during his stay.  For pertinent penalties imposed while neglect of housing regulations travel agency does not bear the responsibility. Customer can make use of services of the accommodation unit if the services are price included, otherwise only on his own costs.  
  2. On a leaving day customer is obliged to leave the room in accordance with the housing regulations.

13. Alternations of the general terms of providing services

In case of alternation of current General terms of providing services of travel agency the travel agency is obliged to notify of change customer without delay. In case customer does not agree with the change of the General terms of providing services is entitled to  back out of a contract without delay (at latest by 5 days since deliverance), otherwise is the alternation of the General terms of providing services regard as agreed.

14. Final provisions

General terms come into force 23rd November 2004.

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