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One of the oldest spas in Europe lying in the heart of Slovakia in the southwestern part of the region of Turiec. The curatice spa in Turčianské Teplice are much-for-sought for its excellent mineral water of 38-47°C.

Darkov Health Resort ***

Hotel description

Darkov Health Resort consists of fwe buildings, renowed as cultural monuments. It is the main buliding of Darkov Health Resort, villas Maryčka, Jiřina, Vlasta, Eliška and the Old Bath. Darkov Health Resort is a historical part of the spa, however, it has been entirely reconstructed and nowadays the building provides very comfortable accomodation with the typical spa atmosphere.


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Building complex of Darkov Health Resort is situated in the marvellous environment of spa park furnishing very pleasant and quiet atmosphere.


The main building of Darkov Health Resort, else called also "Sanatorium"is designed especially to less mobile patients. The sanatorium provides all the services so-called unde one roof. Single and also double rooms have largely been refurbished, only 10 rooms having fitting on the floors whereby offering a favourable price.
Vila Maryčka is a two-storied villa in the area of spa park, equipped by single and double rooms with fittings and a nice view.
Vila Jiřina has recently been reconstructed. It provides pleasant accommodation in single and double rooms with fittings and nice view of the park.
Old Spa is the oldest bathing building that recently has been reconstructed. In the ground floor there is a treatment part and in the first floor there are patients kept at disposition single rooms and double rooms.
Vila Vlasta is interconnected to the main building of the spa and offers 51 beds in the renovated, modern equipped single and double rooms, all with fitting.
Vila Eliška the building of which was finished in 2002 is a central connecting part between Vila Vlasta and the main building. The villa can boast about pleasant modern balneological environment and in the first floor there are 5 double lux-cathegory rooms.


Above the affordably priced to luxurious accommodation facilities the Darkov Health Resort also offers healing parts with an inexahaustible amount of procedures and other services.

HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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