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Ann´s Peat Spa, situated in the quiet little town of Lázně Bělohrad, has 120 years of tradition behind it. The majority of the clients coming to the spa suffer from ailments of the locomotive system.

Danubius Health Spa Resort Centrální Lázně ****

Hotel description

Historically the oldest bahing complex in Mariánské Lázně Spa.



centralni_lazne/05_Centralni-Lazne-Lobby-bar-01-maxi2188.jpg centralni_lazne/07_Centralni-Lazne-Restaurace-01-maxi2190.jpg centralni_lazne/11_Centralni-Lazne-Junior-Suite-01-maxi2194.jpg centralni_lazne/13_Centralni-Lazne-DBL-Superior-Plus-maxi2196.jpg centralni_lazne/27_Centralni-Lazne-Slatinny-zabal-01-maxi2207.jpg


Directly opposite the walk Karolina and Spring of Rudolf.


Directly in the area springs so-called treasure of the town – the Spring of Maria the content of which matches natural carbon dioxide from  99,7%. At that place first off steam and gas bath was established (1818) and among others only peat wraps. Nowadays the whole object has been fully reconstructed.



255 rooms with own settlement and WC, SAT-TV, telephone, mini bar, safe, fohn, dressing-gowns and internet connector.

HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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