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Spa hotel Royal is a part of Royal Spa Company located in one of the most famous spa metropoles not only in the Czech Republic. It is a complex of three interconnected buildings composing a top healing resort, accordant with the best standards.

Bükfüdö Spa

Spa description

The career of the balneal water in Bürkfüdö started 25 years ago when the crude oil locators working in this area was given a reward of 60 m high spurt of water. Nowadays the thermal spa of Bürkfüdö is the second biggest spa in Hungary. The curative water 58°C warm contains an extraordinary amount of ferrum. It is characteristic earthy-limy water with constant portion of calcium, magnesium and biocarbonates. In the course of bathing treatment is the water suitable for healing of the locomotive system diseases, for thraumatological therapy and spine diseases. As a drinking cure has been the water recommended in case of hyperacidity of stomach and digestive problems. The spa consists of the complex spreading on 14 hectares with 26 pools (11 covered pools, 11 ouside pools and 4 pools undet the shadowing roof).


The spa is situated nearby Austrian border just  345 km far off Prague, 57 km far off Sophrone and 220 km far off Budapest. It lies in elevation of 150 m above sea level.


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Natural resources

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