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In 1822 V. Priessnitz founded there the first hydrotherapeutic institute in the world. The healing resort is situated in the favourable climate and enable treatment of the guests in any season. The stay in the local landscape combinated with the modern science returns people physical but also psychical health.

Berta´s spa Třeboň

Spa description

In healing and relaxation has been used natural resource of peat that is gained in the countryside around Třeboň. The specially modified peat has been used for baths or wraps when is used the high accumulated effects and higher density to gradually and equable warming of the body or its parts resulting relief of muscular stress, pain reduction, better perfusing of tissues and easier regeneration. An interesting and amusing supplement of the bathing stay are also actions for bathers taking place on the indoor terrace, a pergola which is built into the beautiful nature of Třeboň not far from the Berta´s Bad. There is also a dance floor, refreshment and aa option to prepar specialities on the grill, open fire and a smoke house. The part of the healing resort are also restaurant Adéla, terrace bar and bathing cafeteria. The local specialities of home kitchen, bath herbal liquer Aubertovka and cranberry vodka Brusinka will definitely endear you.


The Berta´s Bad building is situated in the close proximity of the town monument reservation Zlaté stoky that is a part of ecologically attractive protected landscape of Třeboňsko.


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