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Ann´s Peat Spa, situated in the quiet little town of Lázně Bělohrad, has 120 years of tradition behind it. The majority of the clients coming to the spa suffer from ailments of the locomotive system.

About us

Travel agency S-GUIDE, Ltd has already been more than 10 years on the Czech tourist market. S-GUIDE shapes as an advanced managed company with flexible services and communication. The acquaintance of the background and offered services are accentuated. The priority consists in specializing in assuring of stays at health resorts or alpine stays, for individuals, as well as for companies (training, conferences, presentations of the products etc.). The clients are given the possibility of inexhaustible device selection of Czech health resorts by request. Company enterprises associated with healing or relaxation or wellness&beauty direction can evoke released, informal atmosphere and create so an essential environment for meetings of the employees and reinforcement of the team spirit. In case of the provision of the accommodation for trainings, conferences and meetings can be these provision stay costs admitted as tax breaks.

The seat of the travel agency S-GUIDE, Ltd is on the Údolní Street 33, 1. floor. You can  communicate with our employees by e-mail, phone, ICQ or Skype or you can visit us bodily. Made-to-measure offers are sent at the latest in 3 weekdays via e-mail to our clients, depending on the demanding ness of the submission.

The accommodation can client choose directly on the web www.mojelazne.cz. All the health resorts mentioned here have been individually tested. Beyond the accommodation offered on these web sites you can also find there a treasure of another services and information. The travel agency S-GUIDE, Ltd namely prides itself on the most comprehensive Czech information spa portal. Skilled employees of the travel agency provide a stay and related programme and services exactly according to wish and request of the customers.

Cooperation with CK S-GUIDE provides following advantages:

  • time saving – a client needn’t waste his time searching suitable spa in the good term through communication with them
  • particular information about services - beyond the information about hotel client also gets information about the health resort and then he can consider attraction of the offer
  • untopped prices – making an order the client pays nothing extra and he also needn’t to pay any fees connected with the money transfer
  • made-to-measure offer – our employees are individually dwelling on each client and they are providing the requested services flexibly


HOT-LINE: 731 495 820
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